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Welcome to the United States of America

The Land of Opportunity - USA "Currently the Best - Living, Investment, Retirement, Vacation Destination in the World"

From sea to shining sea! From the Atlantic Ocean on the east coast to the Pacific Ocean on the west coast, the United States is the most culturally and geographically diverse country in the world.

With a vast central plain, the rugged Rocky Mountains in the west, hills and low mountains in east, broad river valleys from the Mississippi River, and volcanic topography in Hawaii, the United States offers a wide range of climates for every taste.

From the sultry beaches of Hawaii and Florida, to the dancing Northern Lights in arctic Alaska, and the fertile Great Plains states of Kansas and Oklahoma, along with the dry deserts of Arizona and Nevada in the southwest, to the bustling urban jungles of New York and Boston in the Northeast, and the majestic Rocky Mountains in Colorado, you are sure to find the ideal landscape for your lifestyle.

The United States became the Land of Opportunities for those seeking the American Dream from other nations and many Americans take great pride in their immigrant and native roots. America’s melting pot of beautiful cultures from around the world has made the country a world leader in higher education and modern conveniences.

The United States was the one of the first nations to form a democratic state in modern times and has never undergone a revolution or other form of internal breakdown since its 1776 founding. Although The Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act requires a withholding tax of 10 percent of the amount realized on the disposition of all U.S. real property interests by a foreign person, a strong Euro to U.S. dollar rate and low home mortgage loans has driven the rise purchases of properties by foreign investors.

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